Through Service Music Peace from the Inside Out

Broadcast on July 23, 2014
With Nimesh Patel

From Wall Street to meditating in the Himalayans to performing rap music to helping young people in India's slums, Nimesh Patel's inner and outer journey is one of the hero's journey.  We all can learn from Nimesh about finding peace in ourselves and meaning through service to others.

Nimesh Patel

Social Worker
Nimesh Patel, was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from the Wharton School of Business in 2000. He parlayed his education into a high paying job in Manhattan. Simultaneously while at Wharton, he started his own hip hop band called Karmacy. They reached international stardom on MTV Asia and VH1, and he continued to tour the world while in college and while working in New York City. With little fulfillment in the corporate world, he quit his job after 2 years to pursue his music career full time as a as an artist and a businessman. Simultaneously he co-created a comic strip called Badmash, that eventually received 7-digit funding, which transformed their comic strip into an internationally award-winning animation studio. At the height of his success, Nimesh realized that his ‘success’ was not translating to feeling inner joy and a sense of peace and fulfillment, which made him question his path entirely. He decided to close down his animation studio, put a halt on his music career, and simplify his life by getting rid of almost everything he owned. The next step he knew had to be “digging a little deeper’. Over the last 3 and half years Nimesh has been serving at a beautiful non-profit, called, Manav Sadhna, where he started his own project called “Let Them Sing”. Giving street kids with dormant singing talent a chance to share their music by producing an album that shared their stories, their lives and their voices. Inspired by this experience, in 2009, after closing his animation studio down, he came back to the same non-profit to direct another unique experiment that he called “EKATVA-Oneness”. Over a three year journey, from 2009-2012, he selected 16 kids out of thousands from the local slum areas in Ahmedabad, and became their family: their big brother, their father, their mother. He was called the “Mustache Mom”. Together they created a Musical called “EKATVA” that shared Gandhi’s messages of universal love and oneness. Within two years these 16 kids went from not being focused on school, harsh personal habits and little or no performing talents to highly motivated students, loving citizens of the community and amazing performing artists. With God’s Blessings, Nimesh’s selfless dedication and commitment, and support from hundrends of loving volunteers at Manav Sadhna and across the world, the EKATVA group recently toured the World, the US and UK, with their show inspiring thousands of souls on the messages of love, service and togetherness of humanity. What started as a simple intention to share love and art with 16 kids, bloomed into a majestic and inspiring world-wide pilgrimage.