Mainstreaming Consciousness The Music of Revolution

Broadcast on June 28, 2014
With Alexander Ebert & Michael Rosenblatt & Steven Weinglass

What made the music of the 60's so special, and what role will the musicians of today play in inspiring the world's youth to co-create the society that works for everyone? Our panel discusses the power of music to ignite social movements. 

Steven Weinglass

Musician, Music Supervisor, Producer

Steven Weinglass was born and raised in New Jersey, and began performing music professionally at the age of 16. His first performances were at the Jersey shore. Mr. Weinglass studied at Berklee College of Music and became bassist/vocalist and music director for such acts as; Shirley Alston Reeves of the Shirelles, The Four Tops, Bill Haley’s Comets, Crosswind, Restless, Michael and the Little Professors, among many others. During his teens he was deeply influenced by his brother's work in the peace movement of the Sixties who went on to defend The Chicago 8, The Pentagon Papers' Daniel Elsberg, Jane Fonda, and most recently, The Cuban 5. In recent years, Mr. Weinglass has become a music supervisor on film, produced music and had his songs placed in TV shows. Currently he has come back to his roots and is out performing music again. Mr. Weinglass is also serving as Commissioner of The Public Works Dept. for the city of Beverly Hills, CA., and has served on that commission for the past four years (serving the last year as the Chairman).