Mainstreaming Consciousness The Music of Revolution

Broadcast on June 28, 2014
With Alexander Ebert & Michael Rosenblatt & Steven Weinglass

What made the music of the 60's so special, and what role will the musicians of today play in inspiring the world's youth to co-create the society that works for everyone? Our panel discusses the power of music to ignite social movements. 

Alexander Ebert

Founder of 2nd Gov and The New IRS, Co-Founder of Big Sun foundation, Artist (music, writing, film, paint, etc)
Lover, fighter, observer of the absurd, town crier, bully slayer, dismantler of professionalism, singer, player, painter, writer, composer, community-land-trust-maker, inventor, power to the peopler, but above all: adventurer. (Unfortunately I am also: killer-by-way-of-war-taxes, crude oil-consumer, begrudging participator in economic hegemony, combustible engine user, workaholic, and, I think, relatively sleep-deprived). My band is Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. We operate a 501c3 called Big Sun, newly dedicated to helping people form and build community land trusts. I founded a nascent movement called 2nd Government. I invented The New IRS ( I won a Golden Globe this year for best original score. I am finishing a book this summer called Kingdom Cool, a study of our modern culture. I have a beautiful amazing mind blastingly wonderous daughter names Eartha and partner named Roehm. That's more or less my version of me today.