Peace Through Music with Davod Azad

Broadcast on August 12, 2014
With Davod Azad

Davod Azad is a profound musician who embodies the deep wisdom of Sufism.  Davod's music is widely loved around the world, including in his home Iran.  In this session, Davod shares insights into the alchemical process where music can transform people and entire societies by providing an experience of oneness.

Davod Azad

Iranian Singer and Musician

Davod Azad is an Iranian singer and musician of Iranian classical and Azeri folk music. Born in Urmia, Iran, he is an ethnic Iranian Azerbaijani multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in Iranian classical music, Azerbaijani folk music, Ancient Persian music, and Persian Sufi music. His Persian Classical Fusian CD The Divan of Rumi & Bach Azad joins Iranian Traditional music with Bach's famous melodies.