Spirituality Peace Sunday with Mark Naseck Dr Ibrahim Jaffe and Rabbi Yoel Glick

Broadcast on September 09, 2012
With Mark Naseck & Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe & Rabbi Yoel Glick

Mark Naseck

Mark D. Naseck is an internationally known teacher, healer and advocate of inner and outer peace.
, Shaman, Yogi, Mystic, Reiki Master, and holistic health and business consultant. Well known for facilitating life-changing experiences, Mark has been featured on television and radio, both nationally and internationally. While pursuing his global quest for health, vitality, longevity and spiritual enlightenment, Mark has studied with many Masters of the World’s Traditions and Religions. He has presented at the World’s Top Resorts, Spas, Institutes, and Centers including Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Miraval Life in Balance Resort, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, The Omega Institute, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, The Ann Wigmore Institute & Foundation, as well as, aboard the World’s Most Famous Ocean Liner Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. Offering Holistic Health Consulting, Spiritual Counseling, and Executive Business Coaching, Mark’s clientele includes Regular Folks, CEOs, Doctors, Attorneys, Heads of State, Hollywood Folk, Entrepreneurs and well-known Spiritual Masters & Teachers.

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Ibrahim Jaffe, MD
Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a licensed medical doctor, who for the last 25 years has pioneered advanced energetic and spiritual healing in the West. Ibrahim is known for his depth of love, mercy, and compassion. He has dedicated his life to creating world peace through helping people to find the love within. His teachings reach across all faiths and beliefs. Most recently, he was awarded the Man of Peace award at an Interfaith International Peace Conference. After studying many different spiritual paths, Dr. Jaffe found Sufism. Sufis are known for their deep and ecstatic love. Rumi, the mystical Sufi poet, is one of the most famous Sufis of all time. Dr. Jaffe is the President Emeritus of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. If you are going through your life searching for more meaning and love, then these special teachings can benefit you. During his lifetime Dr. Jaffe has helped thousands of people find lasting love, peace, and fulfillment in their lives. Please allow Dr. Jaffe to share his timeless wisdom with you.

Rabbi Yoel Glick

Rabbi Yoel Glick, Director of Daat Elyon, an online center for spiritual training
Rabbi Yoel Glick is a teacher of Jewish mysticism, one of the pioneers of modern Jewish meditation, and a spiritual mentor who has been guiding seekers on the path for thirty years. Yoel was born in Toronto, Canada and received a classical rabbinic education from Yeshiva University in New York. He was an intimate student of the Chasidic mystic Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and received rabbinic ordination from him in 1981. Rabbi Yoel Rabbi Yoel has taught audiences of all denominations and faiths in locations across the globe. He is the director of Daat Elyon, an online center for spiritual training and wisdom, where he leads a weekly webinar on the fundamentals of spiritual wisdom and posts a weekly reflection on the spiritual life. His new book Living the Life of Jewish Meditation: A Comprehenisve Guide to Practice and Experience was published this month by Jewish Light Publishing.