Turning Despair into Infinite Possibilities Leveraging the mystical sciences of awareness

Broadcast on July 12, 2017
With Sujith Ravindran

Join Indian mystic, author and co-founder of Being at Full Potential, Sujith Ravindran, as he addresses the turbulent times we're experiencing... with environmental challenges, violent conflicts, economic tensions and stress on families. Many people are experiencing despair, fear, insecurity & uncertainty — as they have throughout history.

During this potent session, you'll discover:

  • The ancient mystical sciences of awareness as taught by the Indian sages 
  • Insights into five levels of awareness
  • How we can leverage the ancient sciences to transform from despair to positive, creative & practical engagement

Sujith Ravindran

Indian Mystic, Author, Co-Founder of BEING AT FULL POTENTIAL

"mmmm.............to really disclose who I am, I must maintain silence.

But it seems like my silence doesn't satisfy you, so I shall speak.

However, my limited human self can only speak about my LABELS - like I'm Sujith and I'm born in India; and my limited self can speak about what I DO - like I'm a teacher and I'm my own pathfinder; and my limited self can also speak about what I HAVE - like I've some defining life experiences and a profound repository of life's lessons.

But those are only a mere reflection of who I am on the surface.....and that doesn't seem to satisfy you.

So let me share with you some of my BELIEFS AND THOUGHTS;

- I believe in the transience of nature. I believe that beyond the individual entities of each living being, there is a unity that defines all of us collectively

- What I share reflects who I am in this form; the essence of the ancient Indian wisdom and the meticulousness of Western science. A significant part of my inspiration for teaching stems from the wisdom of the Indian spiritual sciences

- I believe that I can think or be thought, I can accept or control, I can be the script-writer of my own reality or be the victim of my external reality, I can live congruent with my inner voice or I can follow the diktat of the external voices

- I can align my life with my purpose or follow a socially-prescribed ritual... either ways I believe I am the choice-maker

- No matter how difficult a situation, I believe there is a lesson of goodness in the adversity, which shapes my future reactions

- My practice of gratitude & forgiveness is a transformer that brings me one step closer to who I really am under the layers of roles that I have developed through the influence of the environment I live in; be it familial, social, cultural or organizational

- Living with and loving various cultures.....mmmm, that's magic. Travelling, connecting and living in different parts of the world has been, is, and will continue to remain a passion of mine in understanding how the collective unconscious makes one culture different from that of the other. In travelling I find a pathway towards my self-expansion
Finally, this is what I KNOW;

Beneath all my beliefs and thoughts, I JUST AM........ And I bare that through what I speak, write and do for others and for myself."