Matrix of Peace

Broadcast on September 04, 2012
With Doug Rauch & Elza Maalouf

Elza Maalouf

Futurist, cultural development specialist, co-founder 'The Center for Human Emergence Middle East'

Elza S. Maalouf is an Arab-American futurist and cultural development specialist with focus on cultural, business and political reform in the Arab world. As one of the foremost expert in Memetics of the Middle East, Elza is recognized as one of today’s brightest minds. She is co-founder of the Center for Human Emergence Middle East, a think tank that emphasizes the scientific understanding of cultures through the prism of the "bio-psycho-social systems" framework of Drs. Clare W. Graves & Don E. Beck. She has pioneered the use of Integral and Spiral Dynamics methodologies in the Middle East. To this rich body of work, Elza is now adding her original concept of Innovations in Memetic Technologies&™ which includes depth psycho-spiritual understandings and indigenous-designed applications.

Her firm Integral Insights Consulting (IIC) advises business leaders in the West and the Middle East. Elza offers unique, culturally informed integral solutions as the region transitions from oil wealth based economies to fully integrated sustainable economies. IIC stands on the forefront of advisory services to facilitate the transition with a focus on the Mid-East’s most precious resource, Gen Y.

Elza speaks with a rare authority about what it takes to evolve structures of society in ways that support women. Her work with women and girls in the Palestinian Territories, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait and Dubai has earned her wide respect and affection.