Creating Compassionate Communities and Playing the Compassion Games

Broadcast on July 14, 2016
With Lesa R. Walker, MD, MPH & Marie Roker-Jones & Jon Ramer

In response to the challenges we face, communities can organize around compassion as the power source of social innovation. In this session, we’ll hear how the Charter for Compassion, has significantly contributed to the growing compassion movement in cities, states, and countries worldwide. Specifically, we’ll share compassion case studies from U.S. cities: Seattle, Austin & New York. We’ll share how the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest can get people off the sidelines and onto the field, getting out of their comfort zone and into compassionate action. You’ll learn about 3D compassion which includes caring for others, self and the earth. And, you’ll hear how mindfulness plays a major role in creating safe spaces within communities, which yields more compassionate responses even in difficult conversations.

Marie Roker-Jones

Co-Founder, #CompassionConvos
Marie Roker-Jones is Founder of Raising Great Men-Life skills for boys to mind up, not man up and co-founder of #CompassionConvo-challenging bias through compassionate action. Marie has over 15 years of experience in program development, community building, coaching and career development. Marie is a NAMA certified Anger Management Specialist, a certified Intrinsic coach and Youth Mental Health First Aider, working with kids and teens to be "smart with their hearts".