Expand your Worldview Transform the World

Broadcast on August 02, 2016
With Katia Petersen

Beyond our beliefs, conditioning, and experiences, there is a source of wisdom, tools and practices that can help us shift our perspective, transform our story, and lead us into an expanded view of what is possible. These newly broadened worldviews increase our potential and can help us contribute to global peace. In this session, you'll learn:

  • How to move from an "I" to "we" perspective
  • How to have meaningful conversations to invite personal and collective transformation
  • Why expanding our worldview plays such an essential role in promoting peace

Katia Petersen

IONS Executive Director of Education

Katia Petersen, PhD, is currently the president of Petersen Argo, Inc., a transformational education company, and brings decades of experience as a clinical psychotherapist, educator, author, and Emmy award recipient for outstanding educational programming in social emotional wellness. She is known for her remarkable ability to touch and open the hearts of individuals in dynamic and healing ways, and is in demand as a motivational speaker, master trainer, and coach.

As executive director of education at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, she led her team in the translation, design, and delivery of evidence-based methodologies that build leadership and self-efficacy skills. Her experiential work, including the Worldview Explorations and Conscious Aging programs, are designed to shift one’s perspective on life, creating new possibilities for how we interact with one another and the world around us, while re-igniting our sense of purpose and meaning.

Dr. Petersen's work focuses on systems change, collaborative processing, power of story, and transformation. An experienced dialogue practitioner, she draws upon a wide range of emergent processes that support effective group work including, World Cafe, Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry and Social Emotional Wellness.

Katia’s passion resides in creating safe and effective spaces for individuals and groups to recognize and increase their capacity to create change.