11 Days of Global Unity Environment

Broadcast on September 13, 2015
With Rhea Landig

Rhea Landig will discuss the big picture: the mass extinction crisis, speaking about her work and the work of Species Alliance and the film Call To Life Mass Extinction of Species. How does it, and how will it affect each of us? She will discuss how Mass Extinction Crisis interacts with Climate Change and the importance of building coalitions and movements - the WE Strategy and campaign, WE Consciousness and prioritizing the Common Good rather than powerful Special Interests. The Renewable Energy Media Campaign and Movement - making a transition away from massively polluting energy systems.

Rhea Landig

Executive Director, Species Alliance
Rhea Landig, Executive Director of Species Alliance Before joining Species Alliance, Rhea was a former high profile media professional whose career spanned over twenty-five years as an editor, producer and spokesperson. After learning about the mass extinction crisis in 2006, Rhea began raising funds to produce the first full length feature documentary, Call of Life ~ Facing the Mass Extinction, along with the newly formed organization, Species Alliance, the first non profit dedicated to raising awareness about the current mass extinction crisis. Rhea officially joined the organization in 2010 as a board member and Director of Development. Now at the helm of the organization, Rhea and Species Alliance continue to share the mission to prevent extinction ~ to inform through various forms of media and outreach to ignite a new sense of community empowerment and purpose, in order to stimulate creative and effective changes in public policies and human behavior that will assure a healthy future for all life on earth.