Faith and Struggles for Peace Justice and Reconciliation

Broadcast on July 09, 2015
With Allan Boesak

In this session Allan will discuss the power of faith in struggles for justice, why reconciliation is more than the settling of conflicts and accommodation of political realities, and why reconciliation with compassionate justice is crucial for the building of peaceful, compassionate, inclusive societies.

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Allan Boesak

Director Desmond Tutu Center at Butler University and Christian Theological Seminary
Allan Boesak is a South African theologian, speaker and human rights activist. Actively engaged in the anti-apartheid struggle, he worked alongside Archbishop Desmond Tutu and president Nelson Mandela. Boesak is the author of more than twenty books. His most recent publications are "Radical Reconciliation, Beyond Political Pietism and Christian Quietism" (2012) (with Curtiss Paul DeYoung, and "Dare We Speak of Hope, Searching for a Language of Life in Faith and Politics" (2014). recipient of several awards, among others the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award and the Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award. Boesak is currently the director of the Desmond Tutu Centre for Peace, Reconciliation and Global Justice and holds the Desmond Tutu Chair for Peace Justice and Reconciliation Studies at Butler University and Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis.