Peace As A Spiritual Practice Finding the Space Between Marching and Meditation

Broadcast on August 16, 2015
With Petra Weldes

Consciousness proceeds experience yet experience impacts consciousness. Science and Spirituality teach us that we are the place where the individual and the Universal meet in a dance of creation. Developing and living practices that create and nourish congruence, from the center of our inner being to the outer most reaches of our words and actions, is what brings about a Life of Peace, for ourselves and our world. What are you practicing? Let's explore and develop them together!

Petra Weldes

Spiritual Director of CSLDallas, a Centers for Spiritual Living; Advisory Council of AGNT (Association for Global New Thought); Doctor of Divinity; Constantine Scholar, University of Dallas; RScF; RScP.
Dr. Petra Weldes, is a powerful, gifted speaker and teacher engaging diverse people with her interactive style while providing a safe, sacred environment for personal growth and exploration. Dr. Petra leads workshops, conferences and seminars internationally, and is passionately involved in Peace, Diversity, Interfaith, Youth, and Leadership work. She serves as Spiritual Director of CSLDallas, a Center for Spiritual Living where her visionary role has created a dynamic, spiritual community committed to growing people, empowering and transforming lives. Dr Petra has led retreats and programs all over the world, inspiring people to go more deeply into their own spirituality to bring about personal and global change. Dr. Petra is co-author, with Dr. Christian Sorensen, of The Joyous Freedom and Joyous Living Journals and they are deep in finalizing their third 365 days of inspiration The Joyous Abundance Journal.