100-Day Countdown to the UN International Day of Peace

Broadcast on June 13, 2015
With Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE & Avon Mattison & KIRAN BALI MBE JP & Bill Yotive & Rick Ulfik & Dot Maver & Lisa Parker & Frederick Arment & Rev. Deborah Moldow

The UN has dedicated the 2015 International Day of Peace to "Partnerships for Peace -- Dignity for All." The Summer of Peace leading up to September 21st gives us the opportunity to move from concern about the great challenges facing our world to taking a stand on Peace Day as one human community united in hope. We will discuss plans at the United Nations and around the world to highlight the actions of people serving a wide range of causes yet building together a new culture of peace.

This session includes a performance of Rev. Patrick McCollum's "Peace Violin." To download a recording of the Violin at high fidelity, click here.


Global Chair - United Religions Initiative, Magistrate, Social Entrepreneur
As a global interfaith leader and Chair of the world's largest grassroots interfaith organisation, operating in 94 countries, Kiran has addressed the UN General Assembly on women’s empowerment and community challenges through impactful actions. Kiran’s social entrepreneurial skills have substantially improved lives through her ethic of selfless community service transcending all boundaries of diversity. Honoured with the MBE at the age of 29, for exceptional voluntary community service, Kiran is one of a mere handful of young female global interfaith and community leaders . Kiran has shown outstanding international leadership and activism to promote equity and understanding, whilst addressing community challenges through interfaith action and social justice at the grassroots level as a Magistrate. Kiran promotes women's empowerment through her commitment to providing women with the opportunity and support to create a more peaceful and harmonious world. She carries this out through talks and forums, national and international conferences, cultural exchange programs and community projects. The result of this is more and more women around the globe are able to come forward and play an active role in community and civic life. As a global inspirational speaker, Kiran continues to speak at high-level platforms to promote youth and women’s empowerment and action.