Connecting 7th Generation Voices of Uganda and the Americas

Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit 2014 > Planetary Peace > Indigenous Wisdom
Broadcast on November 19, 2014
With Vanessa Asolo (aka MC Flower) & Silas Balabyekkubo & Mikuak Rai

Tune in for a wonderful discussion on the power of HipHop culture as an Indigenous form of expression and its impact on the youth of Uganda. It is empowering young people from Africa and influencing and inspiring members of the Human Family from around the World.

Vanessa Asolo (aka MC Flower)

Vanessa Asolo, also known as MC Flower, is an intelligent and gifted young woman who is making a tremendous impact through her hip hop practices. Her work is encouraging parents to support their childrenʼs activities of self-expression and inspiring both young and old to celebrate their creative talents. At the age of seven MC Flower joined the Bavubuka Foundation's Music and Arts Creative Workshops and since then she has represented the future generation of Ugandaʼs burgeoning hip hop culture on numerous national stages with internationally and nationally celebrated artists such as Nneka, Kween G, Babaluku, Sifa Kele, Atlas and Tshila. Now, at just 10 years of age, she has just been elected for her second term as Entertainment Minister at Makindye Junior School where she humbly celebrates celebrity status. Both in her community and nationally MC Flower is showcasing her critical thinking and passion for child advocacy through freestyling and her Luga Flow indigenous hip hop practices which are being highlighted across Uganda on both radio and television platforms.

MC Flower is a regular performer at International Womenʼs Day and Earth Day celebrations and has also performed at Power of Hope Mulago Pediatric Kids Camp and Uganda Youth Conference. She has been featured on NTV Celebrity Kids as the first and youngest hip hop woman to hit the media waves. She is an integral part of the young Phenomenal Womenʼs team and is always contributing to her community and her peers through creative outreach opportunities. She is the first student to be permitted by her school to run a series of hip hop creative work shops through Bavubukaʼs Kids for Kids Hip Hop Outreach Program; this is the fulfillment of a promise she made to her peers at the assembly announcing her election as Entertainment Minister. MC Flower is currently developing her web series called Letʼs Chat. This is another first that this creative, passionate youngster will have accomplished before her 13 birthday!