Connecting 7th Generation Voices of Uganda and the Americas

Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit 2014 > Planetary Peace > Indigenous Wisdom
Broadcast on November 19, 2014
With Vanessa Asolo (aka MC Flower) & Silas Balabyekkubo & Mikuak Rai

Tune in for a wonderful discussion on the power of HipHop culture as an Indigenous form of expression and its impact on the youth of Uganda. It is empowering young people from Africa and influencing and inspiring members of the Human Family from around the World.

Silas Balabyekkubo

Founder of the Bavabuka Foundation, Founding Member of Bataka Squad (Hip Hop Group)

Silas Balabyekkubo (aka Babaluku) is an award-winning musician, producer, community youth activist and social entrepreneur who founded the Bavubuka Foundation. Also a founding member of Uganda’s legendary hip hop group, Bataka Squad, Silas is known for introducing Luga Flow to Uganda’s creative scene. This unique and powerful style of positive Hip Hop music has inspired youth in Uganda to embrace and celebrate their native languages, culture and tradition. Silas is dedicated to changing lives and giving hope to young people, from the ghetto slums of Kampala to war torn Northern Uganda. Through the Bavubuka Foundation Silas supports projects that are calling forth the spirit of Ugandan people in creative arts, youth empowerment, education, community development, sports, fashion, journalism, and community-building events.