11 Days of Global Unity Interdependence

Broadcast on September 12, 2014
With Lisinka Ulatowska, Ph.D.

Lisinka Ulatowska, Ph.D.

Co-founded the NGO Task Force on Financing, Chair of the UN Major Group Commons Cluster

Lisinka Ulatowska co-founded the NGO Task Force on Financing which she chaired at the UN for which she compiled a Listing of Financing Mechanisms, based on the work of the 89 participating NGOs. This was last updated in 2014 and has regularly been made available to the UN Secretariat and UN Member States. She co-founded Commons Action for the United Nations and chairs the subsequent UN Major Group Commons Cluster. These networks of individuals and ECOSOC-accredited organizations advocate an inclusive and transparent commons-based economy at all levels centred on the well being of all people and nature. Since 2009, they have advocated relevant best practices and Means of Implementation for the post-2015 sustainable development agenda.   She has also written a World Citizens Manual (available in English, Dutch, German and Chinese); The Year 2000 Crossroads: A Basic Income for Every Woman, Man and Child and a Marshall Plan for the Earth about the implementation of the self-financing World Marshall Plan developed by Pieter Koostra (available in English and Dutch); and two novels—one  in English: Fearless. Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things in a World Gripped by Fear about how a network of world citizens are able to help shift from hierarchical  power structures world wide to global collaboration through careful implementation of scientific, psychological and spiritual principles. She has represented a number of NGOs at the UN, among these are The Association of World Citizens and the Institute for Planetary Synthesis.