Mainstreaming Consciousness What Dreams May Come - Emerging Paradigms of Consciousness in Hollywood and Mainstream Media

Broadcast on June 28, 2014
With Barnet Bain & Ivana Milicevic & Shadoe Stevens & Kate Neligan

Meditation and other self-awareness practices are rapidly becoming more mainstream around the world.  Barnet Bain (What Dreams May Come producer), Ivana Milicevic (Casino Royale, Banshee) , Shadoe Stevens (America's Top 40 DJ, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson), Kate Neligan (CEO of Synergy TV, fmr V.P. of Distribution for Lions Gate) will explore how people in Hollywood and mainstream media are helping create new paradigms of consciousness.  They also will share how their personal practices influence and guide their professional lives. 

Shadoe Stevens

Syndicated Radio and TV Personality, Host of American Top 40
Shadoe Stevens is the host of the most successful and widely syndicated radio show in the world, American Top 40, broadcast in 120 countries to an estimated 1 billion listeners every week. Today he is widely regarded as one of the most recognized voices in the world. He has starred in movies and numerous television shows including two network series for CBS: four years on the Top 20 series "Dave's World" with Harry Anderson, and the Fred Silverman production "Loose Cannon.” Shadoe is also one of the stars of the top five nationally syndicated series “Hollywood Squares.” Currently he is the voice and a cast-member on the CBS television series, “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” produced by CBS. He also currently produces the hilarious, "Blackout Television," Improv- Comedy-Podcast-Theater with an All-Black Cast. As a radio personality in Los Angeles, Shadoe won the Billboard Magazine Personality of the Year Award, and gained some of the highest ratings in the history of Boston radio (33% of listeners aged 12 and over).