An Invitation to Stop Creating a Culture of Peace

Summer of Peace 2014 > Community Peacebuilding > Arts & Culture
Broadcast on July 23, 2014
With Kai Sawyer

Kai will share his passion for food, mediation and urban transformation,  As Kai says, "I love living off the land, gardening in his boxers or naked, eating fresh food all day, hanging out in nature with friends late into the night. But, I also love trying to change invisible structures (politics, economy, culture, legal systems) that are rapidly destroying our generous host (Earth). My view is that if we don't change cities, the centers of political and economic power, we won't have a chance of survival."

Kai Sawyer

Founder of Tokyo Urban Permaculture, Wake Up! Tokyo, Power Shift Japan.
Kai Sawyer is a peace activist primarily active around the Pacific Ocean (Japan, Hawaii, West Coast of the USA). He is a meditator practicing in the Plum Village tradition (Thich Naht Hanh) and Vipassana (Goenka) with a strong interest in youth activism. Recent activities include meditation flash mobs in Tokyo, guerrilla seed planting, and transforming Japanese universities into 100% renewable energy. He teaches donation-based urban permaculture, compassionate communication, zen, and social change workshops along the Pacific Rim.