Beyond Right and Wrong

Broadcast on June 17, 2014
With Lekha Singh & Mitch Warner & Ambassador John W. McDonald

Ambassador John McDonald tells us the story about his writing of the U.N. Resolution that created the International Day of Peace. We will then hear about Beyond Right & Wrong -- a powerful documentary film seven years in the making. Filmmaker Lekha Singh presents the stories of people who have experienced loss and the stories of people who have caused that loss.  From the Rwandan Genocide, to fighting in Northern Ireland, to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, people from different sides of the violence have entrusted all of us with their stories—their anger or remorse, their pain, their paths to recovery.  Mitch Warner will tell us how The Arbinger Institute has created the Beyond Right & Wrong: Group and Self-Study Guide to accompany the film to help viewers continue the conversation after the film. 

Mitch Warner

Managing Partner at The Arbinger Institute
Mitch Warner, a Managing Partner of the Arbinger Institute, received his B.A. in philosophy and is a licensed Skilled Nursing Administrator. Mitch joined Arbinger after working as chief executive of skilled nursing and rehab facilities for one of Arbinger’s clients, Plum Healthcare, where he was heavily involved in operationalizing Arbinger’s work into the fabric of Plum’s culture. Mitch joined Arbinger in 2010, bringing the perspective and hands-on experience of an Arbinger client to Arbinger’s executive team.