The Science of Living in Peace

Summer of Peace 2014 > Inner Peace > Mind-Body-Spirit
Broadcast on July 01, 2014
With Ken Foster

How to generate peace in difficult business environments

You Will Learn How To:

·         Let Go of Anything Blocking Harmony in Business

·         Tap into Your Intuitive Wisdom and Solve any Problem

·         Get Rid of Stress, Worry and Self-Doubt  

·         Become Congruent in Beliefs, Choices and Actions

·         Broadcast Peace and Generate Greater Profits

·         Experience More Fulfillment in Work and Life

Ken Foster

Best Selling Author, Business Strategist,
Ken D. Foster. He is a Best-selling Author, International Speaker, Business Strategist and Intuitive Mentor. He is the Founder of Premier Coaching a business coaching, mentoring and training organization. He is one of the country’s leading figures in the science of business and consciousness. Over the last 19 years Ken has worked with thousands of clients who have increased their awareness, changed viewpoints and have transcended their limitations becoming exponentially more profitable in their businesses, at peace with themselves, and fulfilled in their lives. Ken is a master at guiding CEO’s, Executives and Entrepreneurs to find the deep answers to their greatest challenges in business and life.