Youth and Peace in Africa

Broadcast on July 22, 2014
With Princess Ndikom Ukaga Ogechi

Princess Ndikom Ukaga Ogechi is part of Children of the Earth, a global organization of young people striving to embody deep inner peace while working on critical issues.  Princess will share stories about how she finds strength and resilience in fellowship with other young peacebuilders across Africa.  Princess also will talk about some of the tough realities facing of Nigerian's and how she and her colleagues are working to improve conditions.

Princess Ndikom Ukaga Ogechi

Member of the Royal Nigerian family, Children of the Earth Coordinator in Nigeria

Princess Ukaga Ogechi was born into a Royal Nigerian family and decided to dedicate her life to achieving prosperity and peace for her people after losing her eldest sister Chidi Ukaga, who died in service to humanity. Princess was educated in Nigeria and successfully received her diploma at the University of Calabra, Nigeria, and her at the University of Abuja.  After that she went on to become executive director for Young Volunteers for Environment Nigeria (YVE). Ukaga Ogechi is a member of the Civil Liberties Organisation, Women in Nigeria (WIN), Niger Delta Spider (NDS), Nigeria Youth Aids Programme (NYAP) and many other organizations. She has worked as Project Coordinator at the United Community Action Network (U-CAN) and as Action Partner for the International Youth Parliament. Attending many national and international events in Ghana, Togo, Switzerland and Russia she is motivated to help improve environmental protection in her home country and to
inspire the youth to innovate projects in sectors such as economy, employment and poltical awareness.
As the Children of the Earth Coordinator in Nigeria, Princess has created awareness of how people can use spirituality as a key to finding oneness and harmony in overcoming fears and creating a meaningful life.  Princess represented Children of the Earth at the 2013 International Peace Day at the United Nations office in New York. Currently, Princess is coordinating the One Peaceful African project which is moving from one African country to another, helping youth to embrace peace rather than being used as weapons of war and violence. One Peaceful Africa aims to strengthen the dialogue between the generations.