100 Day Countdown to the International Day of Peace

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Broadcast on June 13, 2014
With Rev. Deborah Moldow & James O'Dea & Jennifer Kim & Matt Guynn & Sande Hart & Jonathan Collier & Nathalie Leroy

The start of the 100-Day Countdown to the United Nations International Day of Peace will serve as an early launch to the 2014 Summer of Peace on the Shift Network. A special guest from the United Nations will join peace leaders to discuss the value of a day when the world focuses together on peace, and international callers will be invited to share their exciting plans for September 21st

Jonathan Collier

Global Campaign Manager at UK-based Peace One Day

Jonathan Collier, Global Campaign Manager at UK-based non-profit organization Peace One Day, recently entered the peacebuilding sector, joining Peace One Day at the beginning of 2013. He currently manages Peace One Day’s extensive network of coalition member organizations, namely the NGO, Reducing Domestic Violence and Student Coalitions. He has also worked on measuring the awareness and impact of Peace Day, 21 September, across the globe as part of his role. He looks forward to another successful Peace Day in 2014 and a continued strengthening of the peacebuilding movement. His previous job was as an organizer for a UK political party, where he campaigned in the important Central London district. This role was the culmination of several years of political activism. He was also a fundraiser and event organiser for the party, and spoke at a number of party events.    

Jonathan holds a BA in Latin American studies and an MA in International Relations, where his focus was on Orientalism and western imperialism in the Middle East. He spent three years living in Mexico, initially as part of his BA studies, and then as an English teacher. He speaks Spanish fluently and has travelled extensively. He has written for a number of online publications, and enjoys writing, reading, politics and classical music.