Reaching Peace From Within By Optimizing Your Health

Summer of Peace 2014 > Inner Peace > Mind-Body-Spirit
Broadcast on July 22, 2014
With Claudia Zaragoza Marcos

Claudia Zaragoza Marcos will share practical insights into how maintaining excellent physical and emotional health allows us to engage in the world in a more balanced and sustainable way.  Claudia's grounded approach to inner peace is a solid foundation for outer peacebuilding.

Claudia Zaragoza Marcos

Health Coach Clau
Certified Holistic Health Coach, world triathlete, writer, human development expert, speaker, and self taught healthy chef. Born in Arizona and raised in Sonora, Claudia is moved by holistic wellbeing and enjoys guiding people into becoming wellbeing agents through her unique take on health as a practical, fun and essential path towards happiness. A former digital media expert, Claudia craves improving Mexico's health statistics one person at a time. Her ability to communicate how mindfulness, vulnerability and a healthy lifestyle can lead to happiness has inspired many of her coachees to become entrepreneurs themselves and create healthier alternatives for others as well as instilling a newfound love for nutritious cooking. Claudia believes achieving a grounded balance can be possible through self-love, healthy habits and an honest mind, body and spirit connection. Claudia represented Mexico at the London's Triathlon World Championship on 2013, she is currently ranked in her category as 4th in her country and 55th worldwide and will be representing México again in Edmonton´s Triathlon World Championship 2014.