The Way of the Peaceful Parent

Broadcast on July 29, 2014
With Genevieve Simperingham

Peaceful parenting is a non-punitive approach. Parents are guided to be very mindful of their stress levels and the emotions they bring into their communication with their child. By listening well and being emotionally supportive, parents can guide the child to make choices from a place of integrity rather than fear of punishments, disapproval or desire for reward. Peaceful Parenting is based on clear and patient communication and trust in the child’s basic goodness. It is a model that fosters secure attachment.

Genevieve Simperingham

Founder of the Peaceful Parent Institute (New Zealand), holistic counsellor, certified Aware Parenting Instructor
Genevieve is an International speaker, group facilitator, parent coach, holistic counsellor, an energy healer and a writer. Genevieve is Irish but living in New Zealand and is the founder of the Peaceful Parent Institute. She is a contributor of The Natural Parent Magazine (published in New Zealand, but available worldwide). She is on the committee for, and is a presenter at, the annual Natural Phenomena Nature Education Conference. Over the last twenty years Genevieve has presented hundreds of workshops and courses from evening seminars to five day residential retreats in parenting, relationships, self-healing, meditation and personal development. She also assists her husband in running leadership camps for Youth. She shares her in-depth study of many experts in the fields of early childhood development, personal development, attachment and neuroscience. Genevieve is also a Certified Aware Parenting instructor, having trained with Dr. Aletha Solter PhD, psychologist and author of five ground-breaking parenting books Genevieve is also a Certified Heart to Heart Parenting Facilitator, she has trained with Robin Grille to teach his Heart to Heart parenting program. Robin Grille is a psychologist and psychotherapist based in Sydney, Australia and is the author of “Parenting for a Peaceful World” and “Heart to Heart Parenting”