How to Instantly Create Love and Peace Within Yourself and with Others

Summer of Peace 2014 > Inner Peace > Mind-Body-Spirit
Broadcast on July 29, 2014
With Esperanza Universal

All of us desire peace within ourselves, and peace in our relationships, yet we seem to create painful challenges and chaos in relationship with others. There are Four Simple Spiritual Steps channeled from Spirit that can guide us to divine peace within, which is the only way we can even allow peace with those around us. Without these four steps you will continue to keep trying to connect with others, but keep feeling lonely and separate, and wondering - what went wrong. Tune in for "How to Instantly Create Love and Peace, Within Yourself, and with Others.

Esperanza Universal

Founder,CEO, S.O.U.L. Institute, Master Spiritual Teacher, Attorney, MSW, Msc.

Esperanza Universal has been a Master Spiritual Teacher and Thought Leader for over 25 years. She is founder of The S.O.U.L. Institute Inc. where Spiritual programs are taught at many levels. Esperanza was a Civil Litigator, and while in trial, she began to see Angels and Spirit in the courtroom. At the time she was not religious, nor Spiritual, so she thought she was having a nervous breakdown. Spirit began to give her information on the cases, guidelines for transformation of herself, and asked her to share this with the world. Hence the S.O.U.L. Institute. Esperanza began to apply these Universal Teachings to herself, sensing their dynamic power for transformation. She later created the S.O.U.L. Institute to share these teachings with many. People continue to attend her programs from all over the world, and from all walks of life. Esperanza’s remarkable life story is truly inspirational. She was raised in numerous foster homes, and institutions, from infancy to young adulthood.

After these profound Spiritual experiences in the courtroom, she gave up her law practice, and her interest in becoming the first Hispanic Congresswoman. She devoted her whole life to Spiritual Transformation, and Spiritual Evolution for herself, and others. Esperanza graduated from college with a degree in Psychology. She has a Master’s Degree, and has graduated from law school. She also has a degree in metaphysics. Prior to practicing law, Esperanza was a Psychotherapist, Probation Officer, and Child Protective Specialist. She also served as Equal Employment Opportunity Officer. She was very active in community politics. She served on various civic organizations, boards and commissions in the regions of San Diego, the State of California, and on a national level.

Using Spiritual Laws, and Spiritual principles and practices given to her by the Spirit realm, Esperanza teaches people how to Remove Obstacles on a very deep level, and how to Create the Life they truly Desire and Deserve, instantly, and permanently. Some of the most powerful transformations that S.O.U.L. has witnessed have occurred around creating “Peace in Relationship with self, with Others, and with the Universe.”