Spirituality Peace Sunday Chants for World Peace and Healing

Broadcast on August 10, 2014
With Alakananda Ma and Sadananda

Alakananda Ma and Sadanandaji will share a Vedic chant for world peace and healing, known as the Mahamritunjaya mantra.

Alakananda Ma and Sadananda

Co-founders of Alandi Ashram and Ayurveda Gurukula, Ayurvedic Doctor, Musician, Mediation Teacher

Alakananda Ma and Sadananda met in 1980 while on pilgrimage in India. The unexpected meeting of an English doctor and former nun and an American sadhu and former hippie led to mutual awakenings as they made their five-year pilgrimage in India together as spiritual ascetics. They traveled carrying only a blanket, a water pot, a spare sari or lungi and a Bhagavad Gita and Gospel, sleeping in temples and cremation grounds and on river banks. Their guru, Raghudas Maharaj, then sent them to America to found Alandi Ashram. Situated in Boulder, Colorado, the ashram is an urban contemplative center as well as an Ayurveda Gurukula and clinic. For the last 24 years, Ma and Sadananda have practiced Vedic fire ceremonies and offered prayers for world peace and healing in their small temple at Alandi Ashram. They also maintain an organic garden and keep bees. Alakananda Ma is well known as an Ayurvedic doctor and teacher and Sadananda is noted for his resonant voice and abilities as a Kirtan leader.