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Broadcast on June 24, 2014
With Nithya Shanti

Nithya Shanti is a young and rising spiritual teacher from India.  In this session, he takes us on a journey where he graduated with a MBA, to being a forest monk and then to the corporate world where he helps people discover the peace and wisdom that is already inside of themselves.  Nithya provides simple and profound insights and tools that can be applied in daily life.

Nithya Shanti

Spiritual Teacher
Nithya Shanti is a spiritual teacher committed to sharing practical wisdom teachings for happiness and enlightenment in a joyful and transformational way. He did an MBA and worked in the corporate world. He then left his job to pursue a childhood dream and spent six years living as a forest meditation monk in Thailand and Sri Lanka. He stepped out of the robes with his teacher's blessings and now shares joyful teachings in happiness 'Joyshops', youth programs, corporate trainings and spiritual retreats around the world. He has been invited to share his insights and has taught these principles in schools, leadership summits, international conferences, forums such as TEDx and in prisons. His aim is facilitating a shift from ʻseeking happinessʼ to ʻspreading happinessʼ through simple, accessible, practical teachings. www.nithyashanti.com ; www.facebook.com/spreadinghappiness