Sunday Spirituality Series with Tijn Touber and Cities of Light

Broadcast on September 08, 2013
With Tijn Touber

Tijn Touber

Musician and Writer

Tijn Touber (Amsterdam, 1960), is the author of 4 books on enlightenment and practical spirituality. He is a musician and writer of hit singles in Holland. After his sex, drugs and rock 'n roll phase he got deeply into meditation and lived a yogi life for 14 years in the center of Amsterdam. All his books have become bestsellers in Holland and Tijn also initiated the largest meditation network in The Netherlands: Cities of Light with over 700 living rooms that regularly invite friends and neighboors for shared meditation and silence. Together with his wife Kris he regularly performs meditative concerts (Inner Space), organizes silent retreats and lectures on all topics related to conscious living. Tijn has taught 30% of the Amsterdam Police Force meditation skills, has taught extensively in prisons, hospitals and at such unlikely events as rock concerts and youth festivals. Tijn writes articles for magazines and is regularly asked for interviews and tv shows in Holland.