Creating a Culture of Peace Moving from Hopelessness to Shared Purpose

Broadcast on September 17, 2013
With Eva Vander Giessen & Olivia Hansen & Nathan Otto

Nathan Otto

Changemaker, Leadership Coach, Strategist and Author

Nathan Otto is the founder of the Safe Conflict Project, a global strategic effort to create a world free from war. He is the co-author of Give Peace a Deadline: What Ordinary People Can Do to Create Peace In Five Years. As an executive coach, Nathan counsels and guides individual leaders and leadership teams to outstanding results. He has worked with leaders in finance, healthcare, government, media, and leading international non-profits. He is currently writing a book on leadership, working title Evolutionary Leadership: How to Lead So People Want to Follow.

In his peacebuilding role, Nathan convenes special meetings of select peacebuilding organizations, individuals, business people, government leaders and strategists to increase resource, effectiveness and collaboration. Projects conceived at these meetings, called Synergizers, generate ongoing impact. His work has been endorsed by William Ury, founder of the Harvard Global Negotiation Project and author of bestseller Getting to Yes, F. W de Klerk, 7th President of South Africa and winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace; Mike Moore, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Secretary-General of the World Trade Organization, and Anthony Robbins, noted motivational speaker and author Awakening the Giant Within.