Restorative Justice Rachel Pearl and GREEN Corps Fresh StartHarvest of Potential Youth Programs

Broadcast on July 25, 2013
With Rachel Pearl

Rachel Pearl

Community Connections Coordinator for the Clackamas County Juvenile Department

Rachel Pearl is the Community Connections Coordinator for the Clackamas County Juvenile Department. Her current role is to develop, implement and coordinate a Restorative Community Service program for youth offenders. In her current role, Rachel is also the co- founder and Program Coordinator for GREEN Corps Fresh Start, an urban horticulture and small business training program for youth in the Juvenile Justice system. GREEN Corps allows youth an opportunity to pay restitution to victims while also developing skills in the areas of farming, food and customer service, bicycle repair and forestry while assisting in the business aspects of the program. GREEN Corps is a social enterprise model within a restorative framework with youth working three Farmer's Markets a week in addition to other business ventures. Rachel formerly developed Strength Based programming for youth transitioning back into the community in Portland, Oregon. Prior to this she coordinated a sexual assault and domestic violence prevention program for Incarcerated youth in California. She has over 15 years of experience working with youth offenders. Her experience includes program development and management, direct client services, group facilitation and case management.