Sunday Spirituality Series with Janardhan Chodagam

Broadcast on August 18, 2013
With Janardhan Chodagam

Janardhan Chodagam

Raja Yoga Teacher

In 1998, while getting his master’s degree in Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, Janardhan Chodagam came to the realization that a life of fulfillment trumps a life of achievement. During a subsequent trip to India he came across Raja Yoga meditation and was immediately attracted by the practicality of the teachings and by the fact that they unraveled the mysteries of religion and explained the spiritual significance of many religious symbols. His understanding of Raja Yoga as a way of thinking has brought clarity, stability and a sense of purpose to his life.

Janardhan has been a student and instructor at the Brahma Kumaris for over 13 years and is currently a dedicated member of their center in San Francisco. He has also held senior positions in software companies in the Silicon Valley. Janardhan advocates, through his own life, the importance of slowing down and “being” before “doing”. He has spoken on mindfulness at Stanford University, Portland State University among several venues locally and internationally. He regularly conducts workshops and seminars at the Anubhuti Retreat Center in Marin County besides hosting the monthly Men’s Wisdom Circle and a weekly meditation meetup in San Francisco.