Sunday Spirituality and Peace

Broadcast on June 23, 2013
With David Orme-Johnson, PhD & Deborah Rozman & Jonni Pollard
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David Orme-Johnson, PhD

Chairman, Department of Psychology, Maharishi University of Management, 1972 to 1996
David Orme-Johnson received his BA in psychology from Columbia University in 1963, and his MA, Ph.D. Psychology from the University of Maryland. Dr. Orme-Johnson is recognized as a leading expert in research on meditation. He was one of the first scientists to research the effects of meditation on the elimination of stress. His pioneering research in this area was first published in 1973 in the journal, Psychosomatic Medicine. To date Dr. Orme-Johnson has published over 100 papers on the psychological and sociological effects of meditation. Dr. Orme-Johnson has presented his research at over a hundred scientific conferences in 37 countries, including presentations to the United Nations on four occasions. Orme-Johnson D.W., Oates R.M. (2009). A field-theoretic view of consciousness: Reply to critics. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 23(2):139-166 Orme-Johnson, D. W., Dillbeck, M. C., & Alexander, C. N (2003). Preventing terrorism and international conflict: Effects of large assemblies of participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 36, 283-302. Orme-Johnson, D.W., Alexander, C. N., Davies, J.L., Chandler, H.M., & Larimore, W.E. (1988). International peace project in the Middle East: The effects of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 32(4), 776-812.