Peace and the Military

Broadcast on September 12, 2012
With Col. Chris Holshek

Col. Chris Holshek

Retired U.S. Army Reserve Civil Affairs Officer, Civil-military Strategic Analyst, Peace Operations Consultant

Col. Christopher Holshek is a civil-military strategic analyst and a peace operations consultant focusing on civil-military relations and civil-military operations capacity development. A retired U.S. Army Reserve Civil Affairs Officer, his three decades of civil-military experience included command of the first U.S. Army Civil Affairs battalion to deploy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as Senior U.S. Military Observer and Chief of Civil-Military Coordination for the UN Mission in Liberia and the European Command’s Military Representative at USAID. He was also later a Senior Associate at the Project on National Security Reform as well as the Liberia country project manager for the Defense Institution Reform Initiative. In addition to numerous contributions to U.S. Army, Joint, NATO, and United Nations civil-military, peace and stability operations policy and doctrine, he has published extensively on peace and security strategy and civil-military, stability, and peace operations. An executive director of the Cornwallis Group, a director in the Civil Affairs Association, and a visiting lecturer at George Mason University, he has been blogging for The Huffington Post since December 2010.