Youth Entrepreneurs Peace

Broadcast on September 07, 2012
With Priya Samant & Rami Zarrouk

Priya Samant

Founder of EarthFrendz

Priya Samant is the the Founder of Earthfrendz, an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible enterprise. She grew up in Mumbai, India and came to United States in 2000 to work as a consultant in the field of software and technology. In founding Earthfrendz her aim is to create self-empowerment and socio-economic development for urban poor. Earthfrendz vision is to drive consumers to make the right purchasing decision which can help promote socio economic growth on a domestic and international platform.

Earthfrendz is an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible enterprise. By providing entrepreneurial job opportunities to women, men and the youth they empower and encourage them to have sustainable livelihoods in their own communities. Currently they work with promising and talented artisans in the urban slums of India specifically in Mumbai and New Delhi. Their upcycled products are completely made out of natural fibers and recycled materials thereby fulfilling their commitment to be environmentally sustainable.