Spirituality Peace Sunday Global Attunement for Peace with Gaiafield Council

Broadcast on July 22, 2012
With Leslie Meehan

Leslie Meehan

Founder and Director Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory, Co-Founder Gaiafield Project
Leslie Meehan, PhD, is a social architect and activist committed to community healing and transformation. How are we learning to get along so that we and our great-great-grandchildren of all species can thrive? Leslie’s life-long quest for healthy communities has taken her from roaming the outdoors in her rural hometown, through a Stanford MSEE and engineering management career, around the world backpacking (twice!), deep into the realm of motherhood and volunteering, and along an eclectic spiritual path. It has led her through her PhD at the California Institute of Integral Studies researching and writing about what she now calls community resilience in her dissertation “Our Birth as Holo Sapiens: Navigating our Passage through Climate Change.” Leslie is passionate about the power of collaborative networks in our social evolution. She sits on the global healing councils for the Gaiafield Project and Alliance for the Earth. She is the founding director of the Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory, an emerging network of regional and national leaders building sustainable local community ecosystems. She is delighted to be co-hosting today’s Spring of Sustainability dialogue with her collaboratory friend and ally Ben Roberts. Thrivingresilience.org Gaiafield.net Earthtreasurevase.org