Remembering Lou Tice Bringing Peace into Business Communities

Broadcast on September 05, 2012
With Ron Medved & Jack Fitterer & Gregg Cochlan

Jack Fitterer

President of The Pacific Institute, Director of International Offices

Jack Fitterer is President of The Pacific Institute, the Director of International Offices, and had a 50 year working relationship with Lou Tice. A former school administrator, Jack and Lou Tice met when they were the first teachers hired at Kennedy High School, a school they helped design. In 1978, after 16 years of teaching, Jack joined the Institute with the challenge of developing a strong international presence, a most significant contribution to the growth of The Pacific Institute. More than three decades later, the Institute has multiple offices around the world, with a successful track record of delivering its varied curricula in over 60 countries, on six continents, and in over 20 languages.

It is through Jack’s perseverance, and his stellar international reputation, that The Pacific Institute has been able to obtain, as keynote speakers for its International conferences, such luminaries as former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell; Earl Woods (father of golfer Tiger Woods); noted psychologists such as Dr. Albert Bandura of Stanford Univer- sity, Dr. Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania; and Dr. Gary Latham of the University of Toronto; former U.S. Congressman Jack Kemp; the futurist Daniel Burrus; and a host of international private and public leaders.

Lou Tice was a master teacher, translating the fundamentals of cognitive psychology into accessible, yet powerful education, eventually reaching an estimated 30 million people through his video seminars. Lou's work in Northern Ireland, South Africa, and South Central LA will be remembered by his colleagues. Lou Tice, and his wife Diane, founded The Pacific Institute in 1971. Lou passed away on April 1, 2012.