Remembering Lou Tice Bringing Peace into Business Communities

Broadcast on September 05, 2012
With Ron Medved & Jack Fitterer & Gregg Cochlan

Gregg Cochlan

Managing Director, Canada, The Pacific Institute; Strategic Planning and Organizational Development Expert

Gregg Cochlan is Managing Director, Canada, of The Pacific Institute, a strategic planning and organizational development expert, and author of Love Leadership and co-author, World Peace Really: One Mind @ A Time. Since the early 1990s, Gregg has been working with leaders and organizations on transformation and growth. A keen interest in the process of change led him to join The Pacific Institute (TPI) in 1997. Today, Gregg is Managing Director for (TPI) Team Canada, where his responsibilities include oversight of TPI business in Canada as well as participa- tion on international projects.

Lou Tice was a master teacher, translating the fundamentals of cognitive psychology into accessible, yet powerful education, eventually reaching an estimated 30 million people through his video seminars. Lou's work in Northern Ireland, South Africa, and South Central LA will be remembered by his colleagues. Lou Tice, and his wife Diane, founded The Pacific Institute in 1971. Lou passed away on April 1, 2012.