BeThePeace - International Day of Peace - Global Synchronized Meditation

Broadcast on September 21, 2014
With David T. Nicol & Myra Jackson & Fumi Johns Stewart

Myra Jackson

Mystic, Embodied Envisioner and Evocateur of the Sacred

Myra Jackson is a Wisdom Council Member of the Gaiafield Project. She is described as a Mystic, Embodied Envisioner and Evocateur of the Sacred who is well-rooted in various ancient spiritual, indigenous and tantric lineages (Vajrayana). Myra devotes her time in service to organizations focused on creating the spaces for an awakened humanity and a public policy that supports human values of caring, sharing, love and compassion. Educated as an engineer, Myra found that her early training in electrical theory and design informed her spiritual life. Today, that training provides useful metaphorical language in discussing the subtle realm and the alchemy underway in the collective. Myra feels that The Great Mother (with her masculine fully ensconced) is an archetype emerging with fierce clarity and resplendent force, evoking our re-membering during these transitional times preceding the coming Golden Age. After 30 years, she now unveils this whispered wisdom slowly into the public domain through GAIAFIELD radio, her writings on Living in Councilship: The Alchemy of Synthesis and Distinction and her teaching journeys.