Love in a Time of Crisis

Broadcast on August 30, 2012
With Velcrow Ripper

Velcrow Ripper

Award winning philosopher filmmaker, director of Scared Sacred, Fierce Light, Occupy love. Speaker, writer, spiritual activist, witness to history.
Philosopher filmmaker Velcrow Ripper is a lot like his movies -- curious, hopeful, full of electrifying ideas. He has made dozens of award winning films, including Scared Sacred, ( his journey to the ground zero’s of the world searching for transformation in crisis; Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets action ( about Spiritual Activism, and his latest work in progress, Occupy Love ( which asks: how can global crisis become a global love story? He is a two time winner of the Genie - Canada's Oscar. He has a knack for being right in the heart of history, from NYC during 9.11 to war torn Afghanistan, from Tahrir Square in Egypt to Occupy Wall Street, always seeking stories of transformation. He has interviewed many of the great spiritual leaders of our time, including rare interviews withThich Nhat Hanh and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. He gives lectures and conducts workshops to share his vision of love in action.  Something new is afoot, his films argue, and that’s what Ripper has become a figurehead for: an acknowledgement that spirituality seems to be at the heart of activism, and that the crisis of our times is a tremendous opportunity for an evolutionary leap.