Spirituality Peace Sunday with Anette Carlstrom

Broadcast on August 05, 2012
With Anette Carlstrom

Anette Carlstrom

Oneness Trainer, Best Selling Author, and Modern Day Mystic

Anette Carlstrom is a modern day Mystic referred to in the press as "Sweden's answer to the Dalai Lama", Oneness Trainer, Oneness Mediation (OM) presenter, international best selling author and recording artist, health practitioner and Mom.  Anette is known for her special Gift of Divine energy transmissions called Oneness Blessings that dissolve mind chatter and accelerate one's own evolutionary ascension to living an authentic life of unlimited possibilities.  

Her two acclaimed books, From the Heart and Namaste, Awakening the Power of Grace have swept through Europe exploding in the media as many, many people have had extraordinary life transformations from just reading her books which explore the ancient and modern sacred truths in our everyday life and how to deeply connect permanently to our own Divine Essence.  Each word permeates the reader as her Oneness Blessings are embedded into each page that anchor the reader into the Power of Presence.  Anette travels the world sharing Oneness courses in France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, England, Scotland, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Czech, Norway, Findland, Iceland, Denmark, Holland, Hawaii, U.S.  She has appeared on numerous radio shows (The Aware Show, New Realities), prestigious magazines and TV shows both in U.S. and abroad.