Welcome to the Next Generation Solutions Series

Summer of Peace 2014 > Emerging Peace Story > Vision
Broadcast on July 22, 2014
With Ben Hart & Barbara Arredondo & Yuka Saionji

Yuka Saionji, Barbara Arredondo and Ben Hart are the hosts for the Next Generation of Solutions series.  They are brilliant, young social entrepreneurs whose collective and collaborative work is spanning the globe. They will share their experiences of striving to embody peace while taking conscious action.  They also will provide insights into the challenges, opportunities and trends facing young peacebuilders today. 

Barbara Arredondo

Bárbara Arredondo is a noted cultural curator and journalist in peacebuilding.
Early this year, she launched IListen - a design thinking consulting agency that creates and curates experiences that redefine human potential. Their first project is a 5-month series called i Am Here Series – a platform featuring conferences and workshops where women will be able to recognize their own potential to craft positive and meaningful change in their communities.