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Broadcast on February 12, 2012
With Tierra Walls & Luis Flores

Tierra Walls

Project Associate at Youth Radio

Tierra Walls is currently a Project Associate at Youth Radio on the Youth Advisory Board.  She is helping to become a liaison between the youth and staff at Youth Radio.  Tierra is completing her second year at Merritt College studying African- American studies. She plans to transfer to a four year University in southern California or Washington, D.C. Majoring in African- American studies and Sociology and a minor in Communications.  She is considering pursuing family law or social work and would like to work with children.  Tierra plans to give back to her community and help the youth of tomorrow by creating a non-profit performing arts academy because she believes that the youth of today are the youth of tomorrow.  If they have the right guidance, more youth will be able to change the world for a better tomorrow.