Voices from Libya

Broadcast on February 12, 2012
With Ayat Saleh Mneina & Samra Naas

Samra Naas

Co-founder of Libyan youth Forum and the leader of the Libyan Youth Forums media and debates department

Samra Naas was born and raised in Libya and graduated from the University of Tripoli in 2010 with a degree in Medicine. She was married to the late Mohamed Nabbous, who was the founder of an independent, live link TV station called LIbya Alhurra.  Her husband was assassinated during the revolution. After his death, she continued to operate the station, and she worked in cooperation with the Libyan Youth Movement, the Libyan Link, and various media centers. She currently heads the LYF’s Media Department and its Debate Section, and she works on various projects for the LYF and other NGOs in both Tripoli and Benghazi