Voices from Mexico and Peru

Youth Rising for Peace 2012 > Planetary Peace > Indigenous Wisdom
Broadcast on February 12, 2012
With Daniel Zevallos & Luz María Ampuero & Fred Clarke

Luz María Ampuero

Founding Director of Nuna Ayni Association

Luz María Ampuero is the Founding Director of Nuna Ayni Association. She has been studying, working with and learning the path of Peruvian ancestral medicines since 2001. She has participated in peace events in Peru and around the world. She has worked in and supported different events and movements for ecological consciousness and the caring of Mother Earth. Experience in volunteer work with children in the Wiñaypaq Education Project in Cusco and the Children's Hospital in Lima. In the present, she dedicates her life to Nuna Ayni project and to sharing the vision of living in harmony with ourselves and with everything that surrounds us in Lima, Cusco, United States, Spain, Japan and the world through different workshops and therapies. Specialist in healing techniques such as reiki, reflexotherapy, massages, Andean ceremonies and rituals, medicinal plants, and workshops for women.