A Path to Peace and Security International Peacebuilding and Policy

Broadcast on September 19, 2011
With Paul Chappell & Mary Stata & Pamela Aall

Paul Chappell

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation - Peace Leadership Director

The son of a Korean mother and a half African-American and half Caucasian father whose thirty years of military service included combat duty in Korea and Vietnam, Paul Chappell is a 2002 West Point graduate who served in Iraq as a captain. He has been obsessed with the need to end war since he was a child and as a young adult wanted to discover how to heal the causes of violence and conflict. His groundbreaking work offers clear and compelling insights based on military training, experience, and extensive research into human nature and the myths that perpetuate war. His persuasive dialogue on ending war avoids blaming any particular political group and offers deeper solutions to our national and global problems that have appealed to liberals, conservatives, veterans and civilians.

His two acclaimed books, Will War Ever End? and The End of War, explore the interconnected problems of war and peace and call for urgency supported by renewed hope, optimism, and solutions.