The Role of Media in Building Cultures of Peace

Broadcast on September 20, 2011
With Jessica Devaney & Nick Stuart & Michael Shipler

Nick Stuart

Award-winning independent television producer and journalist, President & CEO of Odyssey Networks

Nick Stuart is an award-winning independent television producer and journalist who was formerly CEO of the UK-based, nonprofit independent production company, CTVC. He is credited with re-inventing that organization by expanding distribution of its faith-oriented programming into prime time and into the mainstream media including radio, establishing an educational department, and introducing TrueTube, a teen-oriented Web site where real-life stories and documentaries are featured on a YouTube-style online platform. TrueTube, often referred to as "You Tube with a conscience," won major awards in the UK in its first year of operation, including the Jerusalem Award for best on-demand Internet TV network and the Education Resource Award for innovation.

Nick brings an intriguing mix of skills and experiences to Odyssey, having created quiz shows, produced music videos and reported from war zones. Earlier in his career, he was a reporter and presenter on Britain's most watched TV network, ITV, as well as on the Five channel. A veteran of radio and TV programming and production, he created hundreds of hours of programming for BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 4, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Discovery, History and National Geographic during his tenure at CTVC alone.

Among Nick's recent productions are "Florence Nightingale," a spiritual portrait of the heroic founder of the nursing profession; "God Is Green," a look at Christian, Muslim and Hindu leaders uniting to fight global warming; and "Clash of the Worlds," a examination of the roots of the divide between Christianity and Islam. "Victim 0001," his documentary about Mychal Judge, chaplain of the NYFD who perished on 9/11, won the prestigious Sandford St. Martin Religious Television Award in 2005.