The Gift of Acceptance A Dialogue Between a Palestinian Woman and an Israeli Woman

Broadcast on September 18, 2011
With Sahar Nafal Kordahi & Tzvia Shelef

Tzvia Shelef

Israeli Film Television, Animation and Commercial Producer

Tzvia Shelef is internationally recognized as a ‘results–driven Producer,' in just about every category of film, television, animation and commercial production together, turning ideas into fortunes. She has won prestige awards because she's provocative and tells it like it is in a humorous, but factual, serious fashion that cuts to the core of the issues in a way no other producer 'guru' does. Tzvia Shelef's advice can be moved with remarkable ease from one very different field, industry, or profession to another with amazing success.

Tzvia clients include PBS- Power Choices (San Francisco, CA)– Saatchi & Saatchi (Tel Aviv, Israel), Levi’s, Centrum, Proctor & Gamble, Ford and Mazda. In addition, Tzvia Shelef is the "hidden genius" behind commercial and print ad’s you've undoubtedly seen in such notable publications like Levi’s, Centrum and Procter & Gamble.  Although Tzvia rarely speaks, except for a few select engagements for private clients, she is an  in-demand speaker on life skills-related topics.

Executive Producer of “Power Choices” – a nationwide PBS Pledge Special program; Assistant Director to Steven Spielberg in “Schindler’s List.”; Worked with some of the best animators in the world such as Uli Meyer;  Produced more than 600 commercials for Saatchi & Saatchi, including numerous animated commercials.