Stories of Hope from the Holy Land

Broadcast on September 16, 2010
With Jiries Mansour & Ibrahim Abuelhawa & Eliyahu McLean

Jiries Mansour

Deacon of the Greek Catholic Church and School in an Arab village in Galilee and a Founding Member of the Abrahamic Reunion,
Jiries Mansour is the Deacon of the Greek Catholic Church in Kfar Rame, an Arab village in the Galilee. He is also the founder and principal of the Saint Anthony Latin School in Rame. St. Anthony School is recognized for its superior academic and social training for hundreds of elementary and junior high students of the Druze, Christian and Muslim faiths. Jiries is a leader in peace and interfaith initiatives in the Holy Land, and has initiated numerous school exchanges between Arab and Jewish youth in Israel. Jiries is a founding member of the Abrahamic Reunion.