Special Bonus

Broadcast on September 18, 2017
With Gina Vucci & Emilia Reyes

In this eye-opening dialogue, Emilia Reyes, an advocate for Women’s Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) and The Shift Network’s, Gina Vucci, who is also a delegate to the United Nations for the Commission on the Status of Women and an activist working to end all forms of gender-based violence worldwide, explore the role women play in achieving social, economic and environmental justice.

Emilia shares the stark facts and figures of institutionalized gender inequality and the women who are risking their lives to bring an end to these practices. She also shares specific ways you can, actively and consciously, join the movement to realize full gender equality and the safety of women and girls everywhere. 

In this riveting dialogue, Emilia reveals: 

  • The life-threatening dangers women are facing around the world as they fight for environmental justice & economic empowerment
  • The direct correlation between women’s human rights and the welfare of the planet — and peace and justice for ALL 
  • What YOU can do to take action (locally and globally) — from civic engagement to socially responsible investing to social media activism

Emilia Reyes

Co-Chair of Organizing Partner of the Women’s Major Group at the United Nations for the Sustainable Development Agenda

Emilia Reyes has specialized in gender responsive public policies and budgets, and sustainable development issues, including comprehensive disaster risk management and climate change. She is one of eight Organizing Partners of the Women’s Major Group at the United Nations for the Sustainable Development Agenda, known as Agenda 2030, since 2014. She is also one of the Co-Chairs for the main mechanism for coordinating stakeholder participation at the global level in this same platform.

In the last ten years she has advocated for equality and sustainable development in several processes of international negotiations, such as UNFCCC, CSW, ICPD, Rio+20, the Post-2015, Financing for Development, Habitat, and in regional processes under ECLAC. She is part of the Mexican Delegation to the United Nations as a representative of civil society  focusing on the climate change process, including the Paris Agreement, Agenda 2030 intergovernmental negotiations, Habitat III The New Urban Agenda and Financing for Development.