Special Bonus

Broadcast on September 17, 2017
With Tiffani Sharp & Gina Vucci

Tiffani Sharp reveals the global impact and power of Social Entrepreneurship and how she’s changing lives through exciting and innovative projects around the world. She shares her personal story, plus several steps you can take to empower women and girls and help promote social entrepreneurship locally and globally.

During this hopeful session, you'll discover:

  • Strategies for women's empowerment in locally and globally

  • Social Entrepreneurship as a path to empowerment, equality & peace!

  • The far reaching impact — economically, environmentally, socially and more — through the empowerment of women and girls

Tiffani Sharp

Founder of Willow Tree Roots and Licensed Attorney

Tiffani Sharp is founder and president of Willow Tree Roots. She is a licensed attorney with a specialization in international law and her own legal practice and has spent over a decade advocating for the legal rights of the underrepresented. She has also volunteered much of her time assisting women who are the victims of domestic violence. She has traveled the world extensively to developing countries volunteering in orphanages and working with women to improve their socioeconomic status.

Through her legal practice and travels, she observed that in communities where women actively participated in changing and improving their own economic status, the communities as whole benefited. This underlying philosophy, that improving the socioeconomic status of women is the key to improving a community at large, is at the root of Willow Tree Roots.